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I must confess that for a long time, for several years at least, I had a complete loss of identity. I was always told that my brand is my business and my business is my brand. The only issue is that there is nothing more that I like than starting a company, bringing it shakily to life – hobbling around like baby Bambi on an ice rink – and then starting something else.

The upshot of this is that I have had several concurrent companies; Online print broking; Brochure distribution services; Mobile media business networks etc. All of them have different names and identities and rarely do they intersect philosophically in any other way than they sometimes share clients, resources and profit.

In other words, when I am asked at a party, ‘What do you do?’ I will be lucky to get away with a pause of hesitancy and then a jumbled web of confused story arcs to which the reply is, ‘Sorry? Explain that again’. At other times, depending upon my mood, I will say I am a designer, or a printer, which really is only a small part of what I ‘do’ and the response is generally equally uninspired. ‘Oh ok, that’s nice, my son likes to play with Photoshop as well’.

In truth, I have won two international awards for design and have helped a hundred companies or more either launch themselves or guide themselves into productive growth. If my response had been, ‘What do I do? Well I change the destiny of young businesses and make dreams come true’ then I am pretty sure the response would have been different, more engaging. Ultimately though, to the question ‘That sounds amazing! What are you called?’ I would still be unable to answer; I have several brands but none of them is me, they are only elements of me. So who exactly am I?

If you met Richard Branson, I am guessing you would not ask him what he does. What he does is be Richard Branson. He is a not Storm Models or Virgin Active or Virgin Galactic. His brand is not his business although Virgin is a significant portion of what he is. His only job really is to live his truth, live his passions and to surround himself with people who are excellent at what they do.

That is the goal of this exploration for me. 30 blogs in 30 days.



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