Graphic design, whether it be for brochures, business cards, folders or signage is not only my original trade but a true passion. Over the last twenty years I have designed literally thousands of brochures and adverts for a huge range of clients and I have brought my enthusiasm, taste, creativity and attention to detail to every single job. I see the elements of graphic design and new ideas in the world everywhere I look and my mind never stops racing with ideas.


Most importantly, I like to design presentation material that works, that captures the attention and that sells the product. Below is a sample of recent and some older graphic designs that I like – click on an image for an expanded view.

May 2016 – Sparks and Ellis Uniforms: Concept, Photography, Ad Design

April 2016 – Mobile Friendly Sites, Email Campaigns, Store fronts

March 2016 – Full brand kit for KAPITAL Properties

Feb 2016 – Various Brochure and Flyer Designs

January 2016 – Responsive Web Designs

A selection of flyer designs I like in a range of categories

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